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IONEL PERLEA International Conducting Competition 2022

29-31 July, 2022, VIth Edition

Europe Concert Hall – Ionel Perlea UNESCO Cultural Center, Slobozia – Romania


Ionel Perlea International Conducting Competition is open to participants of all ages and nationalities. NO AGE LIMIT!

The registration deadline is  10th of July, 2022


The application documents to be uploaded for each participant are:

 Application form here

– Curriculum vitae

– Copy of an identity document

– Recent Photo 

– The  Proof of payment of the Registration fee

 All documents must be sent at: [email protected]


Application documents must be accompanied by an uploaded 10-15 minutes video recording which shows the applicant working as a conductor, during rehearsal or concert. Recordings from piano rehearsals are eligible. Any repertoire is admitted.

Video recordings will be uploaded public or unlisted on YouTube, and the link will be included in the application form in the appropriate box.

Each piece or fragment must be recorded in a single take (no editing). It is strongly recommended that the candidate’s face and hands should be visible at all times (front view) and that the camera angle should be fixed.

It is also strongly recommended that the sound should be of satisfactory quality.

Admission to the competition will be based on these video recordings, which will be assessed by the Jury. The results of the pre-selection will be announced till 15th of July, 2022 on the Competition site. Subsequent, selected contestants will receive via e-mail the confirmation of Competition participation.

By filling in and submitting the Application form, each candidate confirms that he agrees with the Competition Rules in all their details. The Romanian version of the Competition Rules prevails for all interpretations.

By completing and submitting the Application form, the competitors agree with the audio and video recording of the Competition rounds and give the assignment for related rights to the organizers.


Registration fee: 100 Euro 

The fees and bank commissions will be paid by the participants so that the amount of the registration fee remains intact.

The registration fee is not refunded in case of elimination after the preselection, in case of withdrawal or in case of non-submission to the contest.

Participation fee: 300 euro

After the video preselection round, all admitted applicants will pay a 300€ participation fee until July 20, 2022

The participation fee includes accommodation and 3 meals per day (breakfast/lunch/dinner) for each participantas long as they stay in the competition.


  • Andriy Yurkevych – Ukraine – President of the Jury

Conductor, Musical Director of National Opera and Ballet Theater “Maria Biesu” Chisinau

  • Sabin Păutza – Romania – Honorary President of the Jury

Composer, Conductor, Musicologist

  • Dumitru Goia, Romania

Conductor, Professor at “George Enescu” University of Iasi, Chair of conducting

  • Irina Hasnaș – Romania

Composer, Musicologist, Editor

  • Daniel Jinga – Romania

Conductor, Manager of Bucharest National Opera House 

  • Antoniu Zamfir – Romania

Manager of the Romanian Opera Craiova

  • Cristian Lupeș – Romania

Conductor, Manager of the Sibiu State Philharmonia

  • Adrian Morar – Romania

Conductor, Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca

The Jury decides the winners for each section of the contest. The decisions of the Jury are irrevocable.

The Jury reserves the right not to award all prizes or to supplement the number of prizes awarded (as the case may be) in each section.


The total prizes amount is 5200€


First Prize: 2500€ 

Second Prize: 1200€ 

Third Prize: 700€ 

Fourth Prize: 300€ 

Orchestra Prize: 500€

Special Prizes: 

Appointment in the 2022-2023 season of the: 

  • Bucharest National Opera House 
  • Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca
  • Romanian Opera Craiova 
  • State Philharmonia Sibiu – Romania 
  • State Philharmonia Brasov – Romania


July 29, 2022 – DRAW of LOTS & FIRST ROUND

July 30, 2022 – SEMIFINALS



The competition has three rounds: First Round, the SEMIFINAL and the FINAL


Ouvertures: W.A. Mozart – Die Zauberflöte

L.v. Beethoven – Egmont

G. Verdi – La Forza del Destino

Symphonic: J. Haydn – Symphony No. 104 – 1st Movement

W.A. Mozart – Symphony No. 35 – 1st Movement

L.v. Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 Pastorale – Full

J. Brahms – Symphony No. 4, 4th Movement

G. Enescu – Preludiu la Unison



W. A. Mozart Don Giovanni 

“In qual eccessi …Mi tradi quel’alma ingrata” – Donna Elvira

Le Nozze di Figaro 

“Hai già vinta la causa… Vedro mentr’io sospiro” – Il Conte di Almaviva

G. Verdi La Forza del destino

“Pace, pace mio Dio” – Leonora


“I sacri Nomi/Numi pietà” – Aida

G. Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor

“Tombe degli avi miei…Fra poco a me ricovero”- Edgardo

Don Pasquale

“Quel guardo, il cavaliere…” – Norina

G. Rossini Il Barbiere di Siviglia 

“La calunnia e un venticello” – Don Basilio

G. Puccini La Boheme 

“Che gelida manina” – Rodolfo

“Quando m’en vo…” – Musetta

G. Bizet Carmen 

“Votre Toast”- Escamillo

C. Gounod Faust

“Le veau d’or est toujour debout!” – Mèphistophélès

J.Massenet Hérodiade

“Il est doux, il est bon” – Salomé


One piece from each previous rounds (Symphony and Opera), by drawing lots.


All competition rounds will take place at Europa Concert Hall Slobozia, with Ionel Perlea Orchestra.

Competition entry is made in the order established by the draw of lots.

Participation of the finalists at the Award Ceremony is mandatory.


The payment of the registration and participation fees will be paid in the following bank accounts:

For payment in EURO:




Account Beneficiary: Asociatia SUONARTE

 With the mention: Conducting Competition

For payment in the equivalent in RON at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment:


Banca Transilvania, Romania 

Account Beneficiary: Asociatia SUONARTE 

With the mention: Conducting Competition For further information:

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +40 721 665 332


Justin Pambianchi (Canada/Italia)

* Premiul întâi &Trofeul Ionel Perlea

* Premiul Special al Operei Naționale București

* Premiul Special al Operei Naționale Române Cluj-Napoca

* Premiul special al “Ionel Perlea” Orchestra

David Schlager (Austria)

* Premiul al doilea

* Premiul Special al Operei Române Craiova

* Premiul Special al Filarmonicii de Stat Sibiu

Luping Dong (China)

* Premiul III

Guido Roveda (Italia)

* Mențiune


July, 20-27, 2022

Conductor: Maestro DUMITRU GOIA

Europe Concert Hall – Ionel Perlea Cultural Center, Slobozia – Romania


Ionel Perlea Cultural Center, SUONARTE Cultural Association and Conducting Teacher Dumitru Goia offer an intensive week-long course in Opera Conducting.

Limited to maximum 12 active participants and 12 passive participants, the masterclass guarantees each participant 90 minutes of orchestra podium exposure, including public performance, in addition to 105 minutes of conducting practicum with piano duo, and extensive score study. The masterclass provides a unique opportunity to study and conduct one of the greatest Mozart’s operas – DON GIOVANNI.  The course provides a great opportunity to not only work with an orchestra, choir, soloists and teacher, but also to produce professional-quality videos, in rehearsal and concert. The program will be able to accommodate aspiring and practicing conductors at all stages of experience.


Trained at the esteemed Sankt Petersburg Conservatory, Mr. Goia represents the Russian tradition of conducting that includes Nicolai Malko and Evgeny Mravinsky, one of the best conducting schools in the world. Dumitru Goia was part of an exceptional group of graduates of this school, which included Valeri Gherghiev, Yuri Simonov or Yuri Temirkanov.


The city of Slobozia is situated 120 km east of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and 150 km west of Constanța, an important port at the Black Sea.


Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart (full opera performance)

Participants have the opportunity to rehearse the entire opera. Maestro Dumitru Goia will make final assignments for the performance.


The duration of each rehearsal is 3 hours (180 min.) + 2 breaks of 15 min. The masterclass guarantees each participant minimum 90 minutes of orchestra podium exposure, including public performance, in addition to 105 minutes of conducting practicum with piano duo, and extensive score study.

• July 20, 2022 — Arrival in Slobozia, Romania;

• July 21– 23, 2022 — Piano Sessions and Score Study: daily 3-hr sessions with piano duo between 11:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 21:30; additional score study and optional technique sessions;

• July 24, 2022 — Orchestra Session between 11:00 – 14:30 and Piano Sessions and Score Study between 18:00 – 21:30;

• July 25, 2022 — Orchestra Sessions between 11:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 21:30 with orchestra, soloists and choir;

• July 26, 2022 — Orchestra Session with soloists and choir/ Dress Rehearsal between 11:00 – 14:30;

• July 27, 2022 — Orchestra Sessions between 11:00 – 14:30 (if necessary) and Public performance starting from 19:00. All active participants will receive video and audio recordings (raw or edited) from front and back, as well as a large publicity poster

• July 28, 2022 — Departure.


This masterclass is open to all conductors. There is no upper age limit. Applicants of varying levels of training and experience will be considered. A maximum of 12 active applicants and 12 passive applicants will be selected to participate.


Complete application form here.

The application documents to be send uploaded for each participant are:

– a short curriculum vitae

– a copy of an identity document

– a recent photo

– a proof of payment of the registration fee

All documents must be sent at: [email protected]

Applications will be accepted until July 10, 2022

Important: The application for active participants requires a recent video recording with a length of maximum 10 minutes which shows the applicant working as a conductor (frontview). Passive participants will be accepted in the order of registration (no video recording needed).

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by July 15, 2022.


Preselection fee: 

• Active Participant Application Fee – 100€

All application fees will be refunded only if the participants do not pass the pre-selection phase.

Tuition & Recording Fees

• Active Participant Tuition & Recording Fee – 1900€

• Six seats scholarship for Romanian conductors: – 800€

• Passive Participant Tuition Fee – 350€.

The cost for active participants include all tuition and professional recording fees, as well as accommodation and 3 meals per day (breakfast/lunch/dinner).

The payment of the tuition fee in euro or the equivalent in RON at the National Bank of Romania exchange rate on the day of payment will be paid into one of the following accounts:

For payment in EURO:

Asociatia SUONARTE

Banca Transilvania, Romania



With the mention: „Dumitru Goia Masterclass”

For payment in the equivalent in RON at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment:

Asociatia SUONARTE

Banca Transilvania, Romania



With the mention: „Dumitru Goia Masterclass”

For questions or further information regarding the masterclass, please contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +40 721 665 332


26th – 29th of May 2022

Centrul Cultural UNESCO Ionel Perlea

Europa Concert Hall

Slobozia, Romania


The competition is addressed to young opera singers and students from all over the world. The age limit is 35 years old.

Registration: 7th of March – 1st of May 2022 at: [email protected].

The competition will take place between 26th – 29th of May 2022, at Centrul Cultural UNESCO Ionel Perlea, Slobozia City, Ialomița County, Romania.

**The competition will be organized in safety conditions, following all the rules in force for the nowadays context generated by the SARS CoV-2 pandemic.

***The participant takes the entire responsibility of her/his health state (aside from the situation in which the participant gets ill from Covid-19 during the competition, even though the organizer follows all the safety measures stipulated by the law. In this case the participant is relieved of any subsequent liability.).

The accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be ensured to each selected participant by Centrul Cultural Ionel Perlea, during the competition. 

1. Registration:

The document with the completed application form must be named with the name of the applicant.

  • A copy of the identity card/ passport;
  • The proof of the registration fee payment;
  • Youtube link with two video recordings, .mp4 format, in which the applicant sings two arias from the given repertoire, according to the voice type. (see point 6).

By registering into the competition, the participants agree with the fact that the organizer utilizes their personal data and public image in promotion purposes, according to the present legislation.


2.1. ROUND ONE: Online Format

The participants must send two video recorded arias (see point 2.1.1. and point 2.1.2.) and an official commission will select the candidates who are admitted in semifinal.

2.1.1. Online Repertoire requirements:

  • two arias from two different operas;
  • both arias must be sung in their original key;
  • both arias must be entirely sung, if applicable with the accompanying recitative or cabaletta;
  • the traditional cuts and leaps are accepted;
  • both arias must be sung from the memory.

2.1.2. Technical requirements:

  • two video recordings in .mp4 format, uploaded on Youtube;
  • the video recording must be made no more than one year before the registration in the competition;
  • do not edit the sound of the videos after recording!
  • the recordings must be made entirely live, only with piano accompaniment (without orchestra accompaniment or previously recorded pieces).

2.2. SEMIFINAL: 26th – 28th of May 2022, `Europa Concert Hall – Slobozia

  • with Piano accompaniment

The competitors will present:

  • One opera aria from the list of the five titles proposed by the candidate (according to the application form);
  • One lied composed by Ionel Perlea.

Both pieces will be at the competitor’s choice (see point 6).

For the semifinal round a piano accompanist will be provided by the competition organizer.

*The competitors are free to bring a pianist of their choice at their own expenses.

2.3. FINAL: 29th of May 2022, Europa Concert Hall – Slobozia

  • with Ionel Perlea Orchestra.

The competitors will sing two opera arias:

  • One aria at the competitor’s choice;
  • One aria at the jury’s choice;
  • Nelly Miricioiu, President of the jury United Kingdom
  • Sabin Păutza, conductor & composer – Honorary President of the Jury
  • Florența Marinescu, soprano, Ph. D. voice teacher at Ovidius University Faculty of Art”, Constanța
  • Mihai Cosma, musicologist, journalist, Ph. D. at The National University of Music Bucharest (UNMB)
  • Daniel Magdal, tenor, Deputy Director of Bucharest National Opera House
  • Florin Estefan, baritone, General Manager of Cluj-Napoca National Opera House  
  • Cristian Rudic, baritone, General Manager of Timișoara National Opera House
  • Florin Guzgă, tenor, Artistic Director of Iași National Opera House

The jury’s and organizers’ decisions are unchangeable and represent no subject to complaints.


First prize: 1500 EURO;

Second prize: 1000 EURO;

Third prize: 700 EURO;

Fourth prize: 200 EURO;

       Special Prizes:

Special Prize of Bucharest National Opera House, season 2022-2023 offered by Deputy Director Daniel Magdal

A role in a performance / a concert, at Cluj-Napoca National Opera House, season 2022-2023, offered by General Manager Florin Estefan

A role in a performance / a concert, at Timișoara National Opera House, season 2022-2023, offered by General Manager Christian Rudic

A role in a performance / a concert, at Iași National Opera House, season 2022-2023, offered by Artistic Director Florin Guzgă

Concert in classical season of Centrul Cultural UNESCO Ionel Perlea, season 2022-2023, Manager Clementina Tudor

Best interpretation of a lied by Ionel Perlea: 200 EURO;

Prize of the public: 200 EURO;

  • REGISTRATION FEE:  75 EURO, amount sent into one of these accounts:

Asociatia SUONARTE

Banca Transilvania, Romania






6.1.1. Opera Arias – SOPRANO (.pdf)

6.1.2. Lieder composed by Ionel Perlea:

Ionel Perlea – DRUMEȚIE (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – DOR (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – SEHNSUCHT (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – FISHER (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – TOTENWACHT (.pdf)

6.2.1. Opera Arias  – MEZZOSOPRANO (.pdf)

6.2.2. Lieder composed by Ionel Perlea:

Ionel Perlea – DRUMETIE (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – DOR (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – SEHNSUCHT (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – FISHER (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – TOTENWACHT (.pdf)

6.3.1. Opera Arias – COUNTERTENOR (.pdf)

6.3.2. Lieder composed by Ionel Perlea:

Ionel Perlea – DRUMETIE (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – DOR (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – SEHNSUCHT (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – FISHER (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – TOTENWACHT (.pdf)

6.4.1. Opera Arias  – TENOR (.pdf) 

6.4.2. Lieder composed by Ionel Perlea:

Ionel Perlea – DRUMETIE (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – DOR (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – SEHNSUCHT (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – FISHER (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – TOTENWACHT (.pdf)

6.5.1. Opera Arias – BARITONE & BASS (.pdf)

6.5.2. Lieder composed by Ionel Perlea:

Ionel Perlea – DRUMETIE (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – DOR (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – SEHNSUCHT (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – FISHER (.pdf)

Ionel Perlea – TOTENWACHT (.pdf)


Florentina Soare – Trofeul Ionel Perlea 2022 și Premiul I, Premiul Publicului

Eusebiu Huțan – Premiul 2 și Premiul Operei din București

Adelina Diaconu – Premiul 3 și Premiul Operei din Cluj

David Pogana – Mențiune și Premiul Operei din Timișoara

Taeseup Kim – Premiul Centrul Cultural Ionel Perlea și Premiul Asociația Suonarte